Style Icon: Charlotte Rampling

How much of a babe was Charlotte Rampling? How much of a babe IS Charlotte Rampling? There's something about being young in the early seventies that just looks so wonderful. I've realised recently that the seventies is my favourite decade. Similarly to my Jane Birkin post I've selected what I think are the best photographs of Charlotte and what to wear of you'd like to emulate her style like I do. This time it's all about simplicity but with a bit of glamour.

All the pieces I've selected are from Zara. This isn't a sponsored post I just really like their clothes!

Halloween Home Decor Ideas

I love Halloween. Every year I get so excited to see all the pumpkins in the shops and to start planning my costume. I'm pretty competitive when it comes to costumes and I think this year is going to be a winner. There's something about Halloween that lifts the chill and makes everyone happy about Autumn arriving and I love to celebrate that.

Here's a collection of products and ideas to ensure that your home looks wonderful this Halloween.

I'm in Turkey!

I've just arrived in Turkey for my Summer hols. I'll be back soon with some top notch content though!

Birchall Tea Tasting Event

A few weeks ago I was invited by Birchall Tea to come along to a tea tasting session and Afternoon Tea at Rosewood Hotel in Holborn. It was a lovely few hours and I found the whole experience so interesting. A little about Birchall tea taken from their site...

"Through five generations our award-winning speciality and everyday black teas are sourced exclusively from estates across East Africa. Our pursuit of quality ensures all our leaves are only ever hand-picked from tea bushes grown at high-altitude in lush volcanic soil and ideal conditions."

Birchall not only produce, in my opinion, delicious tea but they also support charitable causes and commit to making the communities they are part of stronger. Birchall support sustainable projects in these areas and charitable causes across East Africa such as the Virunga National Park, Rwandan Cricket Foundation & Rwandan Schools.

Here's a few photos from the session and a little more about what I thought of their teas.

My very talented illustrator friend Emma Block and I trying out some Birchall Tea with a slice of lemon. I don't usually drink my tea like that but it was delicious!

The first part of the afternoon was the tea comparisons. We tasted a selection of well known and popular tea brands (but weren't told which ones) alongside Birchalls Great Rift english breakfast tea.

I like strong good quality tea and it was really interesting to hear all about the process of making Birchall tea compared to the more economy brands.

As you can see from the photo below the brands of tea we tasted look quite different from each other once they've been taken out of the bags. The first tea is very brown and quite pale meaning that it contains some stem and bark of the tea plant blended up together. Good tea will only include the leaves which means it is darker in colour and a little more expensive but you will end up drinking a much higher quality tea. During the tasting of the various teas I could really tell the difference between a high quality Birchall cuppa and a cheaper one. The standard teas were quite weak and uninteresting and the economy tea was bitter and pretty nasty. I now know for sure that tea drinking should be quality over quantity and that it should be a special ritual just like it was when tea was first introduced to England.

After comparing all those teas it was time for even more tea drinking! We moved into a beautiful room to try the other Birchall teas and enjoy the Afternoon Tea. I try to avoid drinking too much caffeine so the herbal teas were my favourites especially the Peppermint and the Green Tea & Peach. All Birchall teas are around the £5 mark for 80 bags.

The Afternoon Tea looked delicious and as I couldn't eat most of what was on offer because of my wheat free diet I was offered some amazing special sandwiches and a pana cotta. I felt very well looked after!

Once we were finished all the eating and drinking we were introduced to the new Birchall Tea website and given a huge goodie bag that contained lots of Birchall goodies along with all these teas. I felt utterly spoilt and I have really enjoyed trying out all the lovely teas each morning, I gave the english breakfast blend to my mum and she gave it the thumbs up too!

Thanks so much to the team at Birchall, I had a lovely and very informed afternoon!

The Twinkle Diaries


This Summer I've been lucky enough to have been on a few wonderful trips including Copenhagen with a bunch of my really good friends. I wanted to visit Copenhagen for the longest time and it definitely lived up to my expectations, so much so that on the train home from the airport I was browsing flights back already!

We stayed in an absolutely beautiful Airbnb in the super cool meatpacking district . Here are a few photos from the trip.

Above, Vicky and I enjoying porridge (still dreaming about it!)  from Grød. On the fist morning we headed to the food market to grab some breakfast and grab ingredients as we had some  friends coming round for dinner. The market was amazing and very fancy, definitely worth a visit.

The candy coloured cinema near our apartment. Below are some photos of our place. I loved the Mid-Century details and all the posters in the living room, we all fell in love with the space and wanted to stay forever.

The we also walked around Christiania and spotted this beautiful old restaurant and historic house museum near the water called Lille Molle. I expertly climbed into a tree.

The next day we decided to take a short train ride outside of Copenhagen to pay a visit to the Louisiana Museum. It was one of those afternoons that i'll never forget. The weather was perfect, the grounds of the museum meandered down to a beautiful little beach, there were Henry Moore sculptures scattered over the lawns and people were chatting and sunbathing, it was just perfect. I also had an amazing smoked beef open sandwich. Win.

That night we also went to Tivoli gardens which you must do if you visit Copey, even if you hate theme parks. It was so beautiful at night with the lights and the peacocks. Lots of the original design for the rides, music halls and the restaurants from the 50's and 60's was clearly visible too. If the creators of Mad Men designed a theme park Tivoli would be it. I didn't take any pictures though (too busy having fun).

Little did we know that the day we had set aside for shopping was a bank holiday and none of the shops were open. We decided to visit some of the museums in the centre but they were all closed too, along with lots of great looking coffee shops. Why Copenhagen, why? I was pretty bummed out about it all as I really wanted to go into Hay (my dream interior shop) and the Art and Design Museum to geek out over all the Mid-Century design. Alas it wasn't meant to be. Luckily we came across the Round Tower an attraction I really wanted to visit for its views over Copey. The Tower was built as an astronomical observatory in the 17th-century and had a beautiful chapel attached to it.

We also explored the palace gardens and near the river we stumbled upon a garden / cafe / bar / creative work space housed in a geo dome called the Dome of Visions. We were all pretty impressed with said dome and have made plans to one day open our own in the UK when we're all millionaires.

That night we headed out for a fancy pizza at Mother in the meat packing district. I had an amazing burrata pizza, my favourite thing to eat in the world. The chef plopped this huge fresh burrata right on top and I'm still dreaming about it. Mother was super cool but I didn't take any pics as it was our last night together and I also wanted to focus on the delicious food. We hopped over the road to a wine bar and ordered some prosecco to celebrate the holiday. It was such a great evening and area we wished we'd come out for a night of dancing on the Saturday too.

Copenhagen was one of my favourite places I have ever visited and I'm planning on going back next Summer. Its a perfect place if you enjoy thoughtful food, design and laid back people.

I borrowed a bunch of photos from Erica our designated photographer. Thanks Erica!


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